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Sweet box query

helentofthelentoft Posts: 24

I bought a small sweet box last winter which I put in a pot on my doorstep. I moved it when it finished flowering planning to keep it in the pot and return it to the doorstep when it flowered again and have the scent during the winter months. Alas though it looks healthy and has buds it has still not flowered. Does anyone have any ideas what I Might have done wrong? I live on the coast in Dorset and have only had a couple of frosts this year. Does this shrub need cold to prompt it to flower?



  • helentofthelentoft Posts: 24

    Thank you for your advice. I am afraid that the place on the doorstep is occupied by a large black Aeonium in the summer so the box gets relegated to the back patio. I am not aware that it dried out last summer but perhaps this summer I need to leave it in a shadier spot.

    The box is in a large pot tall pot and was put into compost with miracle grow feed but I will take your advice and add some bone meal as a top dressing.

  • Lou12Lou12 Posts: 1,149

    My sarcocca didn't flower or do anything in it's last location for some years, it was in half sun, half shade.

    I transplanted it in deep shade under the holly tree and it's grown loads and burst into flower this year.

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