I have an Amelanchier tree (snowflake) which has never been very happy.  I garden on heavy clay.  The base of the tree now has orange spots around it.  Shall I give it another year or are the spots the beginning of the end of it.  It starts flowering quite well but as the year progresses the leaves drop off, now only a few remain. Thank you for any advice.


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    google 'coral spot' and look at the images Allison. If it's that it's not good news.

  • Thankyou nutcutlet, have googled coral spot and yes, sure that is what it is.  As the infection is at the bottom of the trunk going up, I guess I'll have to remove the tree.  image

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,050

    sorry Allison, I think you're right.

    It usually moves into damaged or dead wood, rarely into a healthy tree. I should think it was a result of your sick/ dying tree rather than the cause.

  • Thank you Nutcutlet, I shall tackle it tomorrow with a heavy heart!!

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    Does not help you now, but Amelanchier do fine in my clay soil. I just break up the area around it mix in soil and bark (to keep the soil around the roots light) and it has been growing away.

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    Allison I also garden on clay and have had Amelanchier in several gardens.  I do the same as blairs. If you improve the soil with plenty of grit and compost they do well in it. Perhaps you could pick the best spot  and sort the ground a little  -maybe create a raised bed - and then get a nice new one. They're a lovely adddition to any garden. image

  • Thank you all.  When I dig this one out I will see what the soil conditions are like.  I have a sneaky feeling that I may find it water logged. My borders are raised as the clay here is so heavy, you need a pickaxe to try and break it up and this poor tree was planted in the lawn.

  • I planted an Amelanchier tree las November eagerly awaiting the leaves; fruit & flowers and all that has happened is a few leaves on one side s-l-o-w-l-y formed & are now going crispy???? How do I know whether to continue to water it or give up on it ...which would be very sad????. sue

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    Don't put a new Amelanchier in the same spot or it could also get infected.

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