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Clematis plug plant offer - advice needed



  • It's the volume of plants that they sell that helps to produce a profit aym - I grow plants in ones & twos - they grow them in thousands. If they use imported labour that helps to keep the costs down too. When my family grew tomatoes commercially - most of the work was done by family members & everyone helped out when they could. Dad worked 10 - 15 hour days during the peak season, his hands were always green from leaf stain.

  • True, GD! Some clematises do seed very readily and that helps.

       How  ?
  • No, no, no, no.

    The plants you buy, whether from a nursery, Garden Centre, or Morrisons are not grown from seed.

    Seedlings from named clematis cultivars do not come true and only vegetatively propagated plants can be sold with cultivar name.


  • Sorry, I thought the discussion re seed raised plants was referring to the cheap jobs in Morrisons, name of variety plainly written on each little bag.

    Of course, some of the species clematis seeds ( names in Latin, small case ) will come true, although some of the species are variable and some do cross in the wild.

    Named varieties, cultivars ( CULTI vated  VAR iety ) can only be propagated by cuttings, grafting, layering or division.

    The growers who mass produce these for the supermarkets have probably never seen a flower, or a seed, many take cuttings from cuttings, new material strikes easier.

  • Yes, I understand about seedlings, I grow 1000,s of clematis seeds every year and yes, I am obsessed.

    As a National Collection Holder of Clematis Viticella and owner of a clematis nursery I have a responsibility to the genus clematis.

    I like people to know the facts, there is so much fiction, fantasy, written about clematis that many people are scared to try to grow them.

  • I take my hat off to anyone who is seriously into a particular hobby, sport etc that they can turn it into an occupation - whatever it may be. You both obviously enjoy the growing of clematis in your own way & can learn from each other. I tried collecting a planting some clematis seed last Autumn but nothing came of them so the plug plants seemed to be the best alternative. My O/H was delighted that I could now name my clematis so thanks for giving me those names yesterday. Incidentally if I take the tops off the taller of the 4 clematis as they have now reached the top of their stakes will it help the plants to thicken out lower down?

  • If they were my plants ( but they aren't ), I would chop them down to just above the bottom pair of leaves, then use the material for cuttings.

    You want to create a good root system before planting out clematis, the top growth is irrelevant, it is only temporary, the roots are permanent.

    Also I find that rainwater is much better than tap water.

  • We sure are aym - I hate chopping/snipping plants - although I do it religiously to the roses & fruit trees each year, but I must admit that the plug clematis have grown very quickly & do look a tad spindly so Richard I will do as you would if they were your plants!

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,881
    Aym, how big is your garden? What do you do with all the plants you propagate? Do you plant them in your garden? Or in friends' gardens?

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • I also have tales to tell regarding the selling of my excess plants too - I used to specialize in cacti but have given up with them preferring plants that grow more quickly now. I sold a tray of zinnias, 2 pots of parsley, a foxglove & some chives today - that is a good day - I won't get rich but enjoy the pleasure of growing and that people like them enough to purchase the plants. I imagine that you feel the same aym. I do give plants to friends and neighbours too.

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