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Clematis plug plant offer - advice needed



  • I don't have the names to hand aym280 but they were £5.99 I think for 4 - which considering they cost £10 + here in the nursery (for larger) plants was quite a good offer - we just have to wait a year or two for them to grow & mature I believe. I plan to plant the more mature of mine out later this year & perhaps they will flower next year.

  • The plants I got were from Mont Rose of Guernesy (I know I keep saying Jersey image) for £5.65 inc postage. They eventually ended up as C rubens (Tetrarose), C cirrhosa (Wisley Cream), C alpina (Pink Flamingo) and C 'Rouge Cardinal'

    The offer is still on for another hour or so Aym image

    Oh - just read the details - they can no longer supply as they were overwhelmed. image

  • Yes, that is the same offer as I got Jinxy - I didn't realize that the offer was still available (subject to supply) - I am not surprised they were overwhelmed with orders - it was a good price to pay - they are Raymond Envison's clematis, he has won Gold for the past 25 years at Chelsea. Thanks for the names - I still have the fact sheet that came with the plugs - I noticed that all the leaves are slightly different so I could probably use them to work out the names from the pictures. 4 years aym280 why? Have you fed or watered it more this spring?

  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    Sneak around your local garden centre and

    .... Take cuttings......
  • It was on the site here aym under the 'Offers' button ........ I always look at them but don't always take them up image

  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344

    Mine were different varieties (see page one) - I think they just kept swapping them out as they ran out of each variety!

    I'm sure they'll run the offer again Aym, I suppose it depends if those of us who got the offer actually become repeat customers, which was presumably the point...

  • Yes Sparkles mine were replacement plants - the first collection contained 'Freckles' (which I actually didn't want and was going to put on the plant swap here) and a blue one - which I really did want image........ but I'm happy with my lot image

  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344

    I now have 6, purely random selections, so we'll see how they do - are they easy to take cuttings from? There might be someone local happy to swap cuttings.

  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    Cuttings are easy in late spring.

    Cut a nice long shoot, 50cm plus in length and cut into pieces - each piece with one leaf cluster, remove the other leaf cluster if present.
  • Hello again, 

    Have unpotted checked and repotted my gw offer clematis. Aym280

    The roots on all bar one seemed to be doing  pretty well growing out of the bae of the plug. Even the one with less routes still looked ok up top. As to the tea bag, seemed to be more fiberous than nylon. Still all gone and hope all will do well.

    Have read threads re not planting out till next year? Is this  the case


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