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Clematis plug plant offer - advice needed



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    Crumbs! They'll have taken over the whole house by next year!

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    Sorry Aym, I don't get any notifications about threads!

    Thanks! image I got them early March as plugs, repotted them straight away into a mix of John Innes seed and cuttings compost, vermiculite and coir compost (from those rehydrating discs - have loads and they don't really work for me, so been repurposing them). Popped them on a sunny windowsill and that's about it. I've kept them damp, they're in what was our dining room, but is now a plant nursery, quite warm in our house, usually 18 degrees +.


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     One of my plugs is having problems - the Alpina 'Willy' seems to be dying off at the base, with pale weak growth.

    I have had a look at the roots and I think the problem may have been that the roots were being strangled by the material that the plug was enclosed with. I have released it as best I can without damaging the roots. I've also done the same with the other three, although there weren't any visible problems yet.

    Does this seem the likely problem? Anything else I can try, or should I just be patient and see if it improves? The compost is damp under the surface, but not waterlogged. They're on a shelf by the window that gets sun in the evening, would it prefer more light? Feeding?

  • These are the ones that arrived from Jersey a couple of days ago ..... I took the teabags off them and potted them on ..... nice little plants I think image and I've actually labelled them!


      Do I pinch the stem out now of the bottom one on the right or leave it a while?


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    I take it my theory might be correct then Tetley? image

    Seriously, why on earth do they use them? Or at least why don't they tell you to remove them before potting?

  • Cheers aym image

  • Hello all, this is my first post here, and with it comes a question.

    I too have 4 plug plant clematis from the GW offer. They seem alright so far and have repotted them on arrival after a qick soak, shoukd i have  taken the wrap off the root ball? Nothing was mentoned in the instructions? 

    Many thanks Paul 

  • image



     These are my 4 clematis plugs from GW Feb/March offer. The fourth - end plant has only just started to make shoots. The first clematis grew beautifully from the word go but unfortunately I snapped the top of it off & it is just beginning to recover. They are in 4" pots & two have roots showing through the bottom of the pots - what do I do now?

  • Many thanks,  will un pot, and un bag, then repot. Will report root state here.


  • Thanks for the advice Tetley - I will put repotting on my to do list for tomorrow - Hi Paul - yes I also planted my plug clematis in the little sacks too - but when I repotted the first time I took the netting off - it seemed to be restricting the roots. However so far I am very pleased with my clematis even though I got the names muddled and can no longer tell you what the name of each plant is!

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