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re--potting rhododendrons

i am in Guildford, Surrey - I have had a rhododendron in a clay pot for 5 years.   It just isnt doing well, & I don't want to lose it, so I want to re-pot it into a larger pot. It hS dark pink flowers when in bloom.

It's 3ft tall x has an approx 3 ft spread.  It only has leaves on the top 12 inches of the branches, & not the "buds" like its sister plant, which is fully leaved & full of buds - but in a larger pot.   

Can somebody please advise me about the re-potting & the soil combination required ie: do I  plant it solely into "ericaceous compost" mixture straighy from the bag?

last year (probably in error) I added ericaceous soil into the top of the pot, helping i thoufht,  to feed it :  so its soil has been touching the plant stem - and I am reading now that rhodies like to sit proud of theif soil. I hope I haven't help kill it !  Oh my!


Tads ????


  • TadsTads Posts: 210

    Thanks Verdun, I will buy John Innes ericaceous compost tomorrow then, & use it "neat".  (as I only have another brand here).  Should I prune roots or not? Should i prune actual plant & how much? . Can I loosen roots a bit or not ? Do I water it very well when transplanted?  It's still very cold in my back garden (front garden like Springtime, back garden still like winter here). Understand about plantIng rhodies not too deeply now. - yr advice v much appreciated - grateful, Thankyou ???? ????

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