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New turf on old flowerbed


We have a flowerbed running the length of our western fence. We have let it become overgrown as we concentrated on other parts of the garden and the soil is very heavy. We are now thinking of laying new turf over the bed to extend the lawn to the fence, better for our two-year-old to run about on.

I was wondering how much prep work should go into the bed before laying the turf? There are weeds and grasses and old roots, do we need to get rid of it all, ie, below ground level as well as above or will the lack of sun stunt most of them? Due to its location the bed doesn't see much sun, and never really dries out on the summer, will this not have an adverse effect on new turf as well?


Any advice is appreciated






  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,160

    You will need to get perennial weeds out. Grass doesn't do that well where there is deep shade but you can buy grass seed mixes for shade. If it's always damp too you may have a problem with moss.

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  • Brycey DBrycey D Posts: 53

    Thanks, lawn has moss all over it already so not too bothered!

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