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What's Going on With Lyme Disease

Dear Monty Don, I wrote same time ago that Lyme was a problem. I went to 5 meetings last Year 2015. At the Hoilday Inn next to UCHL according to according to the organisers no NHS doctors have bothered to come. Including my GP's convinced that Lyme is only rare. There have been more meeting in parliment all so slowly. When I say that there have been 35,000 per year that's more than cancers yet the NHS and the government are so slow. Too slow. The government is saying there are only 2 to 3000 per year suffering from Lyme Disease. I thought this might have been a possible that Lyme may have cause you to have a stroke a few years ago. Lyme Disease and other infections cause an increase in Quinolinic acid this is a break down of Trytophan. It's a neurotoxin. It causes heart attacks, Strokes and Fits. It's not being taken seriously. It's consider an out side problem. The Americans spray their homes inside and out. Keeping their lawns short planting away from the house. Whereas we make ruff patches to encurage wild life. our pets help bring these Tick into the home. It's a falacy you can see them if you wear light clothing. They are too small to see. Tick removes don't work. A plastic card or a finger nail is more likely able to remove it. Bird Tick and Sheep Tick are the problem. Psychatrists have got involved. Because main stream NHS doctors are in denial. even if I have told them the CDC lab at Southampton hospital was closed for fault testing in 2012. DSTL/mod Porton Down took over still using the same test kit. Which was limited some say so the government could hide the problem. Changes in weather have been blamed. For the the Tick to increase one would of thought the their preditors would should of increased in proportion. But they have been killed or moved out. BBC Horizon and the way space science has allowed us all to fly by wire space science seems to have forgotten. That Ticks, spiders, cochroches, water fleas are radiation prof. Water fleas can even be put into space they don't need an atmosphere. The military knew this back in the 50's.. New technology has help kill the preditors to Tick. The increase of wind Turbines means there is no where to go. They don't comply to military law.. The Mod complained. The government has no scientists ignored them. Political decisions have changed our environment. It's only for the Bankers it's not going gain more wind turbines it's not going to save the world.. It's not green house gases. The world has always got hotter and colder. We are being exploted..


  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,145

    Not sure if Monty is a poster on this site Carol, you would  be better contacting him direct. I believe he's on Twitter.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Carol R2Carol R2 Posts: 11
    Could you mention it if you have a Twitter account.

    I am too ill too bother connecting to it.

    I only have a mobile.. And
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