Hi Everybody.

im new to this forum and to gardening. 

i have a Senecio Sunshine evergreen shrub which was doing very well since purchased about two months ago and repotted into a large pot. 

Its about 30cm high and wide.  Sunny aspect. 

I've been using mains water in a hard water area. 

fed with miracle gro 3 days ago and 3 weeks ago. 

The leaves are now starting to droop alarmingly. 

Anybody have an idea what might be happening ?

thank you in advance. 



  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    It loves hot and dry. I think you maybe looking after it too well. Are the leaves yellowing? A sign of overwatering. Try letting it dry out between watering.

  • GDNAMGDNAM Posts: 13

    Could be over/under watering.  Put your index finger in the growing medium, if it feels dry to your middle  knuckle, it needs water, if very wet or moist let it dry out for a few days.

    It may also rather be planted in the ground.


    Hope that helps some.

  • Thanks for the swift responses everyone,

    you've now given me some hope for this pretty evergreen.


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