Hi,, her indoors looked at the info for electric mowers and decided to go for a petrol, so now its up to me to sort out and i know less than nothing about them,, please has anyone got any good or bad experience with an ordinary garden petrol mower, lawn goes three sides of the house and put together about half a tennis court size so i dont need a big sit on thing just an ordinary every day job sort of thing,Help if poss,,, She,s just said it dont have to be pink, and i can just here the echo " where did you say the petrol goes again"" manyofem Alan


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    That made me giggle Alan image  I have Honda HRX426QX which is a 17" self propelled petrol mower with a roller - dead reliable, easy to start, love it, no problems at all.  My other mower is a Hayter Spirit 41, not as easy to start as the Honda but still not a problem, self propelled with a rear roller and its a bit lighter than the Honda.  The Honda auto drive is a bit slower than the Hayter but it does a better job - just means that you walk a bit slower with the Honda.  The Hayter hasn't been as reliable as the Honda and has had various bits replaced - cables, drive mechanism (expensive).  The Honda was a fair bit more expensive than the Hayter but I do think I got what I paid for.  If its for your wife to use, I'm 5' 2" and have no problems with the weight or the starting of either of them (and I'm not built like a wrestler!).

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    The make I really like is Honda. Starts easily, even after the winter. I have an old Honda Pro, not made quite the same anymore, but it must be nearly 25 years old. OH has a small Honda and I have a Honda strimmer and a Honda Rotovater. Pleased with all, better than the other makes that they replaced. I suppose budget would come into it though.

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    Snap Paula, seems we both like Honda! I'm 5'3".

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    "Her indoors", "She"??? She's the cat's mother!image

  • I had a mount field from b&q it was very reliable, reasonable price and did a great job

  • Or ( he who thinks he is the boss!!) got a John Deere last year v v ace

  • No SwissSue - *I* am thecatsmother image

  • I personally use an electric Qualcast 13" cylinder mower but you do have to be careful with the elactric lead. It does fine for us but our next door neighbour (who suffers from dementia) has a petrol Honda self propelled (walk behind type) with electric start and that is brilliant. Both I and his neighbour the other side of him offer to cut the lawn for him and I have to say it is a pleasure to use. His lawn is mostly clover, daisies and a few other weeds but it always looks good after it is mown. I wouldn't use it on my lawn for fear of the weed seeds transferring but I would definitely recommend the model to anyone considering a petrol mower. He also has a Mountfield mower of similar size but it is rip-cord start, doesn't always start easily and no-where near as reliable as the Honda - so my recommendation is go for the Honda with an electric start.

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