Clematis propagation

Hi all. It's a beautiful day here in north Manchester - is Spring coming at last?

I've just given my "Forever Friends" clematis a good trim for the season. Some of the pruned stems had green shoots high up and I wondered if they would root to make new plants. I cut the stems just below the where the new shoots had emerged and cut off the old stem. I have put them in multi purpose compost in 4cm cells and at the moment they are in a tray on my kitchen unit near a radiator. Are they likely to form roots and make new plants or have I done the wrong thing?  Any advice would be gratefully received.


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    You need a chat with Richard Hodson.  Meanwhile see his post on this thread - and there's another on clematis seed germination.

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    Thanks Obelixx, I'll have a look at that thread.

  • Kathy, are your cuttings nodal or internodal, did you use hormone rooting powder or gel ?

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    Hi Richard - not sure, but they are about 3 cm long with the "bump / axil" where the new growth has emerged in the middle. Note the technical language!!  image  I didn't use any hormone or rooting powder as I don't have any. I just wanted to get them in before they wilted. 

  • image



     Kathy, the first picture is a clematis hardwood cutting ( nodal ) not often do these root but worth a try.

    The second picture is the clematis softwood cutting ( intermodal ) and this is how I take my cuttings, but many other people may do differently.

    You can use rooting powder or rooting gel or custard powder ( don't laugh )

    Best of luck with yours, fingers crossed for you, clematis are not easy to propagate that is why they are £8 to £25 each, fuchsias 3 for £1 so easy.

    I am pleased that you have tried and hope you succeed.

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    Oops! I think I have REALLY messed up.

    First photo is what I cut off the prunings ( Just been out and cut this from the left overs in the garden ) 

    Second photo is how short I cut it before putting in the pot.

    Third photo shows the ones that I "planted" yesterday.







  • Best to leave them as they are and hope for the best, I would keep the compost relatively dry but spray the foliage with a fine mist spray, fingers crossed, you never know.

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    Thanks Richard. I'll let you know what happens - but don't hold your breath.  image

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