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My colleague's orchid is looking very, very poorly. I rescued it initially as it wasn't receiving sufficient sunlight, then during the recent heatwave my colleague neglected to move it further away from the window and as a result the poor thing got pretty bad leaf burn. I've now relocated it again to a spot where it gets plenty of indirect sunlight but it is not recovering very well.


I've also noticed some tiny white spots on one of the leaves, and the stem seems to have died off where my colleague tried to prune it back to encourage new growth. Can anyone please help me save this orchid??








  • bigolobbigolob Posts: 127

    Don`t worry about the green stripe on the leaf, the leaf otherwise is very healthy. I have a large collection of Moth Orchids and leaf discolouration is common with toio much sunlight or too little light.

    We have seen them in the West Indes growing without any form of soil, just tied to a post with string and flowering like you have never seen. They are in the Carribean sun at 90F (30C) every day of the year so they are not totally averse to sun and heat. Don`t worry about the cut off shoot as this can be further cut if you want down to just above the leaf. Wipe the leaf with the white spots with a damp cloth and they may come off. Again, it could be sun burn - no problem as new leaved will grow and the old leaf can then be removed

  • they like rain water,they do not take kindly to sitting in water or being over watered.they like to be misted (reminds them of the time they lived in trees in the jungle).they prefer bark and light plastic pot .they have to rest after flowering and dry right out with a occassional watering.mine do well in semi -shade not boiling hot window.its good you rescused it.mine were rescused ones and i have had good flowering from them.image

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