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Frogs spawn everywhere!

Hi everyone!

My pond is completely covered in frogs spawn already! I have watercress in my pond which covers an area of about 1m squared, I grow watercress purely so the frogs and newts have a place to sit and spawn their eggs.

I was just wondering if this is unusually early? I don't remember them being this early last year! Anyone else have any frogs spawn yet? id love to know!

Thanks guys,



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,314

    I had frog spawn at the end of January this year.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    The first spawn is usually seen at the end of January. Toad and newt spawn come a bit later.
  • Our tadpoles have just left their jelly sac and are clinging to the bank side. Had a dead frog in water(upside down floating) couldn't see why it had died.
  • If you get a hard frost, it can kill frog spawn,  but the frogs will probably replace it before long. I haven't noticed any spawn in our pond yet but have heard frogs croaking, so there's at least one frog who's up for it!

  • We had our spawn about a month ago - only one smallish clump - neighbourhood cat likes playing with frogs, unfortunately they don't seem to last very long around here.

  • Gillian53Gillian53 Posts: 112




    I am just sooooo excited. Two years ago we stuck a liner in a small,shallowish hole. And this year we have frogspawn. I took this in the 14th of March and today there are now three lumps. I read that some people get spawn in January. I assume this is down South.????

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