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I've to choose another tablet, I've always had a kindle  but looking for a change now.thing is I don't know where to start. I've been advised to steer clear of Apple as they are always wanting to charge for facilities that others don't. 



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    Birthday pressy Granma? image

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    I suppose it depends on what you want to do with it. I have an ipad air and only use it for forum chat, looking stuff up, listening to an audio book and taking the occasional photo. It is very quick to start up and to load stuff and they say that Apple doesn't get viruses.

    Hubby has a Samsung and says that the advantage is that you can put a flashcard into it. So extra memory and you can read documents on it. aand he says that the keyboard is a lot more user friendly. But it isn't as quick as the ipad to find information.

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    I love my iPad, daughter has had hers for years, dad had the original one and OH is still using it.

    unless you want to play War Craft or other similar games, I can't see what you could pay for. I have Kindle on it, all your books will automatically be transferred, I have paid for books from Amazon, if I can't find a free one I fancy.

    very easy to set up, no problems at all, easy for taking photos and putting them on the site, far easier than a laptop. Go for it, you'll like it.

    Amazon may be doing a deal money off or something, and they are marvelous if something should go wrong, they will send a pre paid lane for return with no questions asked. You can't lose.

    its extremely quick connecting to the Internet, much quicker than my Samsung was.

    the only problem is that this site is not very iPad friendly, (yet) so you can't change your avatar photo, or use the smileys on the keyboard.

    i can read any documents, I have an office app and can print off documents, send business letters,  or print off pictures very easily, from the arm chair actually as I have a wifi printer. Gosh we are getting lazy.image

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    Ive never had any problems with Apple. The laptop I'm using is ten years old, and apart from increasing memory which we have paid for, I can't think of anything that Apple keep wanting you to pay extra for. I find Apple products much more user friendly and intuitive.

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    I've had a Samsung tablet and a windows based tablet in the past. I now have an iPad Air 2. In my opinion my iPad is far superior to anything I've ever had before. Whatever you get my advice would be to list what you need it for....emails? Internet? Games? Music? Different tablets do some things better than others. I do a bit of everything on mine and I find it a great all rounder.
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    Another devotee of the iPad here.  My son bought it for me 15 months ago and I soon got used to it and find the laptop (not an Apple) rather clumsy now.  

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    Unless you have a Kindle Fire, a Kindle is just for reading a book whereas a tablet lets you do emails, internet browsing, games etc. As well as the Kindle app. Is this what you want/need? I am a very happy iPad user and just bought an iPhone so an Apple convert. Pricey but worth it I reckon. But I don't read a  book on the ipad - it is too big to hold in bed so still use my kindle to read.

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    Yes I am a iPad fan too don't use my laptop now find the iPad so quick and easy does everything you want downloads photoes from my camera memory cards in seconds cannot fault printer set up easy

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    How do you download photos from your camera memory cards? I have never been able to figure that one out!

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     have to purchase a lightning to SD card camera reader just an adapter push the card in and other end to iPad downloads instantly think I got mine on Amazon ,I think they do different versions for other cards

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    Granma, I bought an Apple Air last year and do most things on it though I do have a laptop too. For Chistmas a present was a Prop n go, an adjustable pad to rest it on to read my books. For my birthday a Boss blue tooth speaker so i hear all my music plus some of the masses of music on U tube. Daughter got me a Lightning SDCamera reader which puts all my photo's on the I pad. What is not to like? Oh and earphones plug in when i want to listen to something in peace. This was printed on the keyboard with a probe though the laptop keyboard is used for the writings the History board I am on.

    If I do buy a new laptop it will be Apple.


  • Acer 10 inch tablet is what I use and do not have a problem with it. Its good value for money, My Wife finds it good as well. My daughter has a I pad Mini that she bought some years ago and its been great. Price wise we got the Acer as it was a lot cheaper than a I pad. The display is HD and is good for browsing places like Gardeners The tablet is Android driven which for mobile devices is a good operating system. Much preferred than Windows based Tablets. Search "Tablets" in your browser to get a list of makes etc.


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    go for it Gran.

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    I use a Samsung tablet. I've never liked apple products. Choosing a tablet is like choosing a computer. The main thing is to decide what you want from it. If it's just for run of the mill surfing, searches and bits and bobs, you don't need to spend a fortune. Most Microsoft apps are free from the Google play store and non apple products are easily upgraded. The android operating system is very user friendly and you're not restricted to what you can install on the pad. If you have an apple phone then get an apple iPad, if you have an android phone then get an android based pad the syncing between operating systems is easier both ways. Boils down to money at the end of the day. Android tablets are cheaper than iPads.

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    Wow Verdun !!!!!!image

    That's the best idea yet!!!!! ,image


    Seriously though , Thank you everyone  I will digest all your information  Will let you know what I decide .

    I've already a kindle fire hd  which  I use for  reading  downloaded books  , nothing wrong with it   but  I   I don't get a look in when grandkids are here  visiting!imageimage

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    I've got an iPad mini, an iPad Air, HP laptop and have just passed  a Samsung galaxy tablet on to my grandson. The iPad is far and away the best of the bunch. May be more expensive than other tablets but beats android in every way. I have rarely paid for anything on the IPad.Hated the Galaxy as every time Itried to download a free app, it would redirect me to google play to purchase the same or similar app. If you want to read in bed or carry your tablet around with you, then the mini is great. watching catch up tv etc is better on the iPad Air because of the larger screen area. 

    Another tip if you go with the IPad is to buy at John Lewis. I got a three year warranty included with the iPad Air and for the same price as the other main shops. I never buy computer ware from anywhere that has only online stores. Good luck with whichever tablet you decide to go with.

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    We are still using one of the original iPad, 2010, the problem is though now, you can't get the youtube app, although you can watch you tube, and it doesn't have a camera. Apart from that, it's working well.

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    Being new I've only just come across this thread,a bit late in the day....

    i have an iPad3 and I'm happy with it. One thing though, I saw someone (Lyn?) mentioned having the Kindle app on it and being able to buy from Amazon. I love the clarity and layout of iBooks but I'm toying vaguely with the idea of getting a Kindle for reading. Lighter and easier to stick in my bag. 

    However I don't think it's possible to transfer iBooks I've already purchased to a Kindle. I've read something about using a DRM(?) converter but it sounds too complicated for me.

    So, anybody know of any way to read my iBooks on a Kindle?

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