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Hi I was given a small, what I believe is, a Kalanchoe plant 3 years ago. It did really well and was flowering when I was given it, but since they finally died off, it hasn't flowered again. It has gone crazy and has continued to grow in size, requiring at least 4 pot changes! I love it and I'm proud of how well it has done but just wanted to know if it can ever flower again ?


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    louise, Unless it's of sentimental value, I'd stick it in the compost bin and get another one. They're pretty cheap to buy.

  • Hi Louise, I also have one of these but have only had it since last summer so am not speaking from experience but I believe that to get them to flower you have to make conditions which are like winter in terms of day length so you have to make sure it isn't in a lighted room all day in the winter. This link has some information: 

  • Thank you both for replying. I've spent a long time looking after it and it has been the only plant I've ever managed to keep alive for so long haha (young, inexperienced gardener) ! So I'll give the tips a go in that link to try and get it to flower again. Thank you again image
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