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Petrol Rotary Mower Question

I am looking to buy a petrol rotary lawn mower for my garden.

I have decided I want a powered mower and I may possibly get electric start also, but what I'm unsure about is four wheels or a rear roller.

I understand a rear roller gives stripes but is it also better around borders? I am concerned if I get one with four wheels then the rear wheel will keep dropping into the borders as they appear to be wider at the back! Is this a problem, or am I totally wrong in my assumption?

I have very wavy borders so this is a consideration. Will be good to hear from others using petrol mowers.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,863

    I ran my own gardening business for over 25 years and I always used Hondas with 4 wheels. Simply because wheels are better on slopes , rollers tend to slide a bit if wet. 

    If your grass is pretty level / you want a lovely stripey lawn, go for a roller, but if it's a bit rough, or you cut rough areas too, maybe consider all wheels.

  • You're quite right about the wheels dropping over the edges or borders - unless they are edged with paviours/bricks which would provide a track for the wheel. 

    A roller is better too if you have problems with moles or other wildlife digging up or under the lawn - the roller and its associated weight does sort this out.

    After several years of having to use a wheeled (as opposed to a roller) mower I've now given up altogether and am getting someone else to cut the grass - they're using a rear-roller machine!  I had one for 27 years - until the spares were no longer available - and wouldn't recommend anything else.


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,492

    Have you considered a little cylinder mower ? Your borders wouldn't be a problem then.

  • Perki wrote (see)

    Have you considered a little cylinder mower ? Your borders wouldn't be a problem then.

    That`s what i thought image

    they are my favourite type of mower.

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