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YviestevieYviestevie Kingswinford, West MidlandsPosts: 6,879

Hi last year someone gave me the heads up when Harrods horticultural were offering seconds in their plant supports at 50% off. This year I thought I would return the favour, I've just ordered mine.  Their web site address is below.  By the way, I'm nothing to do with the company it's just a good offer and I'd thought I would pass it on.

Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands


  • Grandma TGrandma T Posts: 29

    Thank you for sharing that offer Yviestevie, have just ordered some. 

  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,958

    'Twas I.image

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • Grandma TGrandma T Posts: 29

    thanks to you too Pansyface, this forum is amazing. Everyone so knowledgable, friendly and willing to share. I don't post often but read every day so thank you all. Happy gardening ????????????????

  • Grandma TGrandma T Posts: 29

    Silly iPad should have been smiley faces imageimageimage sorry

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