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Plans 4 corner Trianglearea, semi shade, need another shrub or herbaceous pla

4390evans4390evans Posts: 34
  [blockquote class=postcontent restore]Ive been on with my corner area that is in shade but does get some sun from 1pm onwards at this time of year.

Its a big corner border area just off my lawn, so far I have a white hydrangea as the corner main plant, then either side I have 3 hebes with purple flowers, then i was thinking of a row of lavenders on the edge between lawn and border I want begenia but I need something i between the lavenders and begenia to break up the colours.

All of the above plants I already have, I am setting off some foxgloves and lupins for spot planting. I will also be looking to put some nicandra in there too.

I need something that will be quite leafy to stop weeds, any ideas?
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