Hi everyone.

I'm new to gardening and I'm after some (ahem, lots of) advice please.

Last spring I moved to a house with a south facing garden (yay) and was chuffed to find amongst the wilderness a huge patch of raspberry canes. Unfortunately, the fruit went mouldy before we could harvest but I put this down to the fact that the summer was so wet here and the canes were so densely crowded and the clay soil was waterlogged. They were in the area that I wanted my patio so early this year I cut them all back and I moved them to the opposite side of the garden. They are spread out in a nice neat row about 18 inches away from an east facing fence and seemed to be growing really well. However, this year's fruit is misshapen and on some of the canes, as the fruit is ripening, it's also going mouldy. We haven't had much rain until this past week or so and the mould seems to have coincided with the wet weather as there was no obvious signs of it before. One of the canes has gone black from fruit to base almost overnight. Could it be caused by a virus or bacteria? Should I just get rid of the lot and start again next year with new plants? Any advice would be gratefully received. 


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    Could be grey mould. It's not uncommon on raspberries. It's a fungal infection that might well have travelled with the plants when you moved them. I'd be inclined to start again.

  • Lori73Lori73 Posts: 42

    Thanks for your reply. I'll get rid and buy new in for next year.

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