I've got 2 acres I've recently brought but both are growing completely different, in the first pic my acer is a very nice shape and I'm willing just to leave that as is at the moment. 


The 2nd I brought from Morrisons and is supposedly a red wine / bloodgood?? The bottom half is like a bush while the top halve has a few shoots that are just growing vertical & at a quick speed, the tree is also about 3 or 4 different colours as you can see!? 


Where would I start with pruning this? & would I do it now or in the winter? 


Thanks, Paul 


  • This is my Acer growing nicely:



  • and heres the Bloodgood from Morrisons, it is bushy (too many leaves in at the bottom/middle) and has green leaves at the bottom with reds and purples at the top. Sorry for the bad pictures!









  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    I'd start by having a careful look at the graft - is everything growing from above the graft?

    Anything that isn't is part of the plant it's grafted on to, and needs to be cut right back to the trunk.

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