this has flowered and started to die back

is this the end of it for this year?

what should i do to it now?

can i take a cutting and wheres the best place to take it from?


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    I don't grow these so I asked the RHS

  • is it ok to move this plant?

  • ok thank you

  • iv just looked at there wedsite geeee wizzzzz there ecpensive to join!!!!

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    aren't they just shelley. I was a member for a year as a gift but that was it

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    I'm a member but grumble about the cost every year image

  • yes if it was half the price it would be fairer, i think,  id never pay it,,  lifetime membership £1000 OMG shocking,

    it cost enough having a garden anyway!!!   iv gone from a small yard with a few pots to a 90ft garden,,

    that needs alot of TLC,  so iv got enough expence already

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    Couldn't afford a lifetime membership - if I had £1000 spare I'd find something else to spend it on rather than the RHS.....

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    RHS membership is £52 for year.  That includes free admission to all RHS gardens with a guest. Free admission for members to many other gardens.

    The chance to have 20 packets of seeds from the seed list each year (some rare stuff) for Post and packing.

    A magazine every month, with in depth articles.

    Also I have  had other  free seeds from them.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • hiya sara, SORRY!!! i am chatting to everyone one,  yes i can ramble on abit sometimes SORRY again,,   yes RHS is £1000 but its a lifetime, hope whoever buys it lives a long healthy life to get their moneys worth,,

    that sounds fair enough but £52 would go along way in my garden at the moment as iv so much that needs doing,   maybe when iv got most of it done i might subscribe to RHS,

    thank you to all who have replyedimageimageimageimage

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    Last year I bought an Arum Lily at the back end of summer from Morrisons supermarket . I got a few odd looks as there were hardly any leaves, but loads of what I assumed were seed s . I only paid £1-50 for it . My husband didnt bat an eyelid - he knows what I'm like for taking chances . Anyway I cut all the lank stems and seed heads off . I left them to dry . $ weeks later I planted them in a gritty compost , watered well and left them under the green house shading . This year the small plants have been coming up for the last 3 months . I have potted them on they are making fine plants and good roots . I shall leave them in the greenhouse untill June next year and pot them on other than that , play it by ear. If you have patience it is intresting this way .Up to now I have 50 young plants and they are still popping up so it could well be 60plus. not bad for what some would say a dead plant!

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