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Hi all

I have several large window boxes outside my kitchen that receive good sun all morning until mid afternoon. At the moment I have pansies in, but am looking for some ideas for summer bedding plants.

Last year I placed in the usual suspects, upright Petunias, trailing Lobelia, Busy Lizzys and Begonia. I have a watering system that waters daily and feed with Miracle grow once a week and they tend to grow well - too well! The Petunia and Lobelia go bonkers and soon end up flopping over the sides leaving a bald look from the top and look a bit of a mess. They tend to smother the Busy Lizzies and Begonia.

In addition to this, I have previously tried a window and some pots just with Busy Lizzies and Begonia. Not sure what I do wrong, but they often have what I'd describe a mushy flowers - soon looking soft and sticking to the leaves. So I've never really been a fan.

What summer bedding plants could I consider? I'm after colour and nothing to tall or rampant. Something that can look neat and fairly compact.

Suggestions welcome


  • MarygoldMarygold Posts: 325

    I think the mushy flowers is probably caused by too much rain.

  • Cut down on the feed and try a tomato feed sometimes, instead of the Miraclegro. You want them short and squat, so you don't want them to grow too much, but you do want flowers,which is what the tomato feed will give you. Plants grown hard often flower well as they want to pass on their genes before they snuff itimage If they start getting a bit tall , pinch out some of the tallest stems to make them bush out - this will also give a longer flowering period, and more flowers.

  • Hey - thanks for the tip - I shall try the tomato feed. I also noticed that apart from growing like billio, they also go past it long before summers end. I guess I turbo charge them and burn them out!

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 14,243

    I use long lasting fertiliser granules, last for 6 months.

    Have you tried ageratums, short bedding dahlias, diascia, French marigolds, verbena, pelargoniums? Busy-Lizzies are happiest in shade.

    Dordogne and Norfolk
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