I pump water from the river at the bottom of my garden and keep it in a holding tank containing about 1000 ltrs.  It is then used to water the large vegetable, fruit and garden but the warm sunny weather has prompted the growth of algae and weed in the water tank to a point where it regularly blocks the water filters.

How can I kill this weed and clean out the tank ( I can thoroughly purge the tank to prevent chemicals etc going onto the plants ). 

Tips also on preventing the growth in the future.

Thanks.  Chris


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,221

    Is this tank open to the air? I don't understand how algae and weed can grow in it if it is pitch black inside. 

    I'm afraid I haven't the faintest idea how to kill the algae and weed that you have right now, but I would have thought that blocking all light to it in future would do the trick then.

  • Yes the tank is open to the air and it is in clear plastic.  I had feared that blocking out the light would be necessary.  Hasn't been necessary in 5 years but then we have not had a summer here like this one for some time.



  • Hi

    all stored water is better in sealed tanks, as it stops debris falling in and rotting , also it keeps them away from Mozi laver .

    to clean you empty and wash out with a fluid which is like a steriliser , this can be purchased from chemical suppliers, or steam clean the tank.

    give a good flush with plenty of water and fasten the top back on.

  • You could try covering the tank with an old blanket or black plastic (old compost bags turned inside out).  Probably best to disguise it anyway as I'm sure they are laws about taking water out of rivers!

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