Sickly eucalyptus needs to go

We have a 14' eucalyptus in the back garden that, after much pondering and delay - because I hate the idea of taking down a tree and keep hoping it'll make a miraculous recovery - has to go.

My questions are;

What sort of roots can I expect? (The trunk is about 12 inches round at most).

Can I plant a replacement very close by (not in the hole left by the eucalyptus, it's only 4-5" from a fence)? I'm told replacing a tree with another isn't a good idea but mostly I'm worried the new tree might pick up the lurgy the eucalyptus has - if the lurgy is likely to be in the soil? Other plants close by seem fine. The eucalyptus is 10 years plus but has struggled to its 14'. Lots of its spindly twigs / branches are dead and they intertwine a lot - every year I take a lot out but the problem recurs.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts. I intend to replace it with a native species.


  • Invicta2Invicta2 Posts: 663

    Normally Eucalyptus have a lot of vigorous but shallow roots, rather like a cherry. However your tree has not grown well so there may be a problem with the roots. If you opt for cutting it down ensure you poison the stump as they will coppice vigorously.

  • Aster2Aster2 Posts: 629

    Had the eucalyptus been pot grown for long before you planted it in the ground? If so, its roots may have grown in a spiral - it's described here, starting in the middle of the page: I don't know if that would cause the tree to be sickly, though.

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