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I bought a Heuchera "Plum Royale" in spring this year.  We have a south facing balcony (no garden) and it is growing in its' original container, in a mix of sun/shade, which is provided by fuchsias and other plants.  PROBLEM - leaves have now started to look and feel dry and some have become crisp.  i've kept it watered during recent hot weather,  New leaves are still sprouting and growing but then crisping up.  i've been taking dried leaves off.  It hasn't flowered this year, but it is its' first year. How can I bring this lovely plant back to glossy leaves?  Thanks to anyone with advice.image


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    I'd say its too hot for it in the place you have it WeedyReedy, they like partial shade and cool moist soil.  I read that you have it shaded by other plants but am wondering whether a south defacing balcony is still going to have very warm air around the plant.  Do you have a cooler spot for it?

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    It's original pot must be getting a bit tight by now. Gently remove it from the pot and see if it's root bound, if so, replant in a bigger pot.image

  • Plum Royale is one of the ones which in theory should be OK in sun (see ) I've had great success with heucheras in full sun - see this sheltered south-facing border in our old house, 1st pic in 2003 and 2nd/3rd in 2005) - these all started from 1-2 litre pots.





    I'd keep taking the brown crispy leaves off and do as Verdun suggests re checking for vine weevil/reinvigorating if no sign of vine weevil.

    Fingers crossed, but if your current one doesn't thrive I'd recommend contacting Plantagogo (see my link higher up in this post, they have a facebook page as well as a website) and asking which ones are likely to thrive on your balcony. Good luck!



  • Thanks to you all for your advice.  I shall definitely check for vine weevil, and if it is weevil free I'll try cutting it back as suggested by Verdun.  I bought it because it seemed to be one that liked the sun, but if the balcony is too hot for it I'll pass it to my sister who has a small garden, and I'll do a bit more research and see if I can find one that really does like the sun - which probably means we have a wet summer next year!

    Thanks again.

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