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Potato advise

so i have some spuds given to me from someone as shown, edwards and desiree.  they have slightly long sprouts and slightly soft

im doing in bags so will likely only need 3 per bag.



do i plant now or do we still have too much frost?, or put in garage near a window for a while etc?

or as per other post, should i break off the sprouts so they do again?

also, i bought some spud seeds from ebay, 2 varieties that need chitting. they are in my mini greenhouse in garage in front of window.


but would they be better indoors?





  • Other people's opinions may vary but I wouldn't plant potatoes with yellow sprouts. They need thicker, more purple-y sprouts with leaves poking out. 

    I would leave them chatting for now. it is still too early to plant spuds, but in about a month you should be ok and they'll have the chits you're looking for 

  • so ok in garage in mini greenhouse thing with light coming in?

  • Mine are in egg boxes on my dining room table. Some people use spare windowsills, some garages, some tables and everywhere in between. As long as you get as much natural daylight in there are possible you should be ok image

  • cornellycornelly Posts: 959

    Let them chit in light out of any frosty situation until at least the end of March, as has been said wait until stronger sprouts are showing, mine are in trays in the glasshouse under fleeece at night, looking good.

  • Garage has no frost. Daylight comes in and sun sets on the window

    I thought these shoots getting too long?

    Ok ill leave a bit longer. They been in a bag for while so garage should do them well
  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Mine are in egg boxes in the conservatory it gets warm if we have sun image but normally cold, they are just showing small green shoots. 

    Marc I'm no expert but can grow spuds in sacks, I'd snap those shoots off. I reckon cool and light to chit spuds.  

  • Some the shoots are starting to purple

    Ones I bought no sign as yet of shoots


  • ./

  • good info


    ill maybe just remove some of the shoots and leave a couple of smaller to let grow and be ready for planting at start of April.  hope the ones i bought start to shoot good by then

  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Short, stout, purple/green shoots are the ideal Marc, but you have to start from where you are.  Those spuds have been left at the back of the kitchen cupboard or somwhere similar.

     I'd leave on those long shoots and put the spuds by the garage window for a few weeks; they'll probably start to develop little leaves in the light.   When you plant them, just be extra careful not to damage the longer-and-more-delicate-than-usual shoots.

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