iv recently moved into a new house, with my first and large garden,

so im very new to all this    sorry if i sound like a dummy

i have 5 plum tree, (mature very tall ones)

when will there b fruit on them??   they r very tall if i cut them right back will they still fruit?  do old trees still fruit?     any sort of advice welcome


  • what can i make also with the plums  is wine easy to make??

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,472

    Hi shelley, they should already have fruit visible on them and would have blossomed in spring.  If you can't see any fruit, it is possible that a late frost damaged the blossom.  In general, the older a tree the better it will fruit, but very old trees may be diseased and not fruit well.  If that's the case the best thing is to remove them rather than trying to renovate them.  You can't really cut large mature fruit trees back hard without risking killing them.  However, now is the time to prune plums and you should remove any dead, damaged or diseased branches.  Exactly how big are they?

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  • 8ft tall abouts, maybe more

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,221

    8 feet tall is hardly anything. They are either babies or they are on a very dwarf rootstock or they have already been hacked about by a previous owner.

    Can you send us a photo so that we can have a gander at these trees?

    The fruits may be there, they are almost the same colour as the leaves just now. Did you see them flower or have you only just moved in?

    Now is definitely the time to prune plums, not the winter, so if you could send us a photo we could give you some timely help.

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