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We have a small suburban garden - and I'm considering getting a bokashi kit. The only question I have is what to do with the results. We don't currently compost as we don't have much 'brown' waste from the garden, and due to lack of space. I would rather something that produces soil improver than fertiliser like a wormery does, and want it as easy as possible. So does anyone use bokashi successfully? And what are the options for using the results? What could be added to it as 'brown' matter if I put it in a compost bin to finish off (can I compost printed junk mail, for example). Thanks!


  • My neighbour bought one but seems to have abandonned it.

    It seemed a rather expensive bit of kit for not much result.

  • We've been bokashi composting for a few years now - but we add the results to our compost bin (I've found it does really speed up the composting proces).  


    If you don't have much space and you just want waste disposal then maybe a green cone might be a good idea for you?

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