i have a buddelia that flowered beautifully last year,,but nothing but a few leaves at the top of long stems,,this year,,,,i didnt do anything to it like prune, and left it out all winter,  i expected it to die to be honest,,    its in a large planter at the moment,

is there anything i can do to bring it back to life???

or has it had it now??


  • any advice on these flowers welcome   as i love them, they so pretty

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    some of mine aren't out yet but they do have buds

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    If it still does not flower this year - and mine are only recently doing so, very late  - it wil respond to some pruning and care this coming winter.  When we get to autumn, cut the whole plant to about half its current height, and give it a nice deep mulch around the base.  Next Spring prune it as hard as you like, down to 6 inches above the ground is ok, and feed it - it should delight you with flowers and butterflies after that.  

    I have a reddish/purple hybrid that refuses to flower until it is at least 12 foot tall, even though I cut it down every year, so you will do it no harm by doing this.

    There is a disused site - it used to be a brewery - near where I live, and it is a forest of heavily flowering wild buddleia - with clouds of butterflies.  Willl be interesting to see if it all flowers next year - unless of course the developers have got at it by then. 

  • there isnt to many leaves on there if im honest, what is mulch? (new to gardening)

    but i hope it does flower this year,,  if not i will take you advice and prune right back,

    can i take cuttings from it?  where is best to take them from?

  • You can take cuttings from buddleia. You need to take pieces that are about the thickness of a pencil. Make sure you remember which end is the top and which the bottom (where the roots will form) of your cutting. Get a tall pot and fill it with compost and grit mixed together. You can put several into this pot, push them in around the edge of your compost mix. They may 'take' just out in the garden but I would put them either in a cold frame, or cover them with a plastic bag (with a few holes made in it) so they get a bit of protection. Then keep the compost moist and wait...and wait some more! They can take AGES to root and very probably most of them won't (some varieties are easier to root than others in my experience).

    Buddleias also seed everywhere but the ones that do that inmy garden never come true to type and the seedlings always turn out to be the very ordinary mauve colour, but tough as old boots. If you have other varieties you will have to take cuttings to get more of those.

    Mulch is stuff that you put over the soil. It keeps the soil nice and warm and offers some protection from the weather. Some plants like a manure mulch, some like things like bark chippings. I keep ponies and they provide an unlimited supply of manure, so I never buy mulching stuff. My plants have to make do with manure whether they like it or not image

  • its the mauve one i have flowered stunningly last years was so pleased as i only bought it as a shooting from a car boot,   its been in a large pot so i wonder if it would benefit from being planted into the garden,,   i dont think its going to flower this year sadly image but i hope it does

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    I'm sure it would be better in the garden. If it hasn't got many leaves andno flowers it's not very well. you might do better to get cuttings from another bush. do you know anyone who's got one. 

    Christopher LLoyd, (great gardener and writer) said don't waste time with cuttings from plants that aren't growing well

  • ok thank you,  im might just take a few cuttings and plant it in the garden and see how it goes, in not good i will buy another one,, thank you for your advice   iv got my first proper garden, need alot of work but im really enjoying it

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    by this time next year you'll be totally addicted image

  • i cant wait till its all done, all nice with a water feature and im sat chilling with a nice glass of wine in the evening,, lol

    if i was rich enough id hire a hunk, to do it all lol

  • If you are new to gardening can I recommend a book I found very helpful (and I still refer to it now years later). It's by Geoff Hamilton and is called 'Old garden, new gardener'. 

  • thank you, i will lookout for it,


    iv checked on my buddelia this morning, and there r 2 small flower heads just come through, so i think it may flower after all!!!image  x

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