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Plum maggots

I have a Victoria Plum tree and have a lot of problems with maggots in the fruit. I hang out Growing Success Plum Maggot and Apple Maggot monitoring traps every year and on the packets it does say to treat with a suitable insecticide if necessary. Please can someone let me know what I can do to try to get any fruit which is not stung and what insecticide I can use? I can't find anything in the local garden centres which is for the purpose of eradicating these pests.



  • I have the same problem with my Victoria plum. One year I remembered to put grease bands around the trunk in late autumn; the following summer I had far less 'protein' in the fruit. Last year, I used the plum pheromone trap - waste of money!

  • Jo83Jo83 Posts: 2

    I have bought some fruit tree grease which I am going to put around the trunk today. Rather late but better late than never. Shall see what happens this year. I really want to get a greengage tree but it seems a bit pointless at the moment!

  • A Fuchsia wrote (see)

    ......Last year, I used the plum pheromone trap - waste of money!

    The pheromone traps aren't for getting rid of the moths - you use them to monitor the number of moths around so that you know whether or not you need to treat for moths.

    Information and suggested treatments here

    Hope that helps image

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