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White or cream gerbera

Morning guys image  I'm inside gardening today image and so planning what new project to encourage me . I would love to have a go at Gerber but would like cream or white colours .it seems that the usual seed suppliers only provide mixed colours as lovely as they are I really only want the creamy white ones. Any ideas would be much appreciated image


  • Thanks Verdunimage. I've checked out Brookside and they have a mixed bunch of three  but red yellow and Orange the reason I would like cream or white my granddaughter is getting Wed in 2017 and they are theflower of her choice ill keep searching but yes as you say plugs would be the favourite image

    You say you have a perennial plant can I be cheeky and ask what colour are they and are most big plants sold perennials image

  • Thanks verdunimage that's a family pack of doughnuts on me image

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