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North Facing Vegetables or summer annual flowers

I have been lucky enough to win 2 wooden raised beds 2 mtrs long and 1 mtr wide in a national competition. I would like to position them against a north facing wall and grow some veg. Are there any that wouldn't mind this position? Or any flowers that could cope with light but very little sun. My hellebores grow there without problem but I will have to dig them out to put the beds in.


  • I've heard perpetual spinach does ok in that situation and I planted out a flat-leaved parsley from the supermarket in light shade and it thrived. Calendula would probably cope too, I can't think of any other annuals but Alstroemeria, some lilies, Jacob's Ladder and some of the Campanula's should do ok, Also Honesty and Foxgloves, are you going to replant the Hellebores in the new beds?

  • TerryRTerryR Posts: 28

    Hi Flowerlover3

    Thanks for the response. I will be replanting the hellebores around the garden but I may leave a few nice ones to replant into the raised beds. Most of them have seeded from one original one so I will have to be brutal and throw some of the yucky colours away.


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