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Hi I am growing coriander and parsley in a trough in the conservatory and they are doing ok but they are constantly being invaded with black fly. How can I deter/kill them without contaminating the herbs?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, Sam



  • I would suggest using a small amount of soap, mixed with water and this can be sprayed over the insects and will kill them, whilst doing this it will probably be worth cutting out the most affected areas.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks Jerry I suppose it will wash off before using the plants

  • I've used SB Invigorator spray, which is cheapest bought online in concentrated format, then diluted down to spray.

    It is a foliage feed as well as being a totally safe and organic scary for getting rid of all manner of pests - I use it to control blackfly and whitefly.


  • Or organic spray, even image

  • Thanks

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