Large unwanted birds

I have a hanging mesh bird table. How do I keep pigeons from landing on it and eating all the food.


  • Want to borrow my cat? He's not interested in the little birds, he's been trying for the last 2 weeks to catch one of the pheasants that come in to feed . Yesterday he made one fly to the top of a sycamore tree. I'm sure he'd like pigeons tooimage

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  • hi flowerpot you should se  the top of my double dog kennel we have 3 seed trays and 2 seed holders. we sometimes have about 15 collar doves and 2 regular woodies .dunnets house sparrows .robins blue tits /coal tits and we get finchs..  we get a 20kilo wild bird seed   the ones we don't like is the( starlings)  all others welcome  .   ps last week we had a chicken on the dog kennel  and in the garden my lab  just layed  on decking  on guard duty      Michael

  • Hi, I have the same problem the pigeons take over my bird table I had about ten on top and inside I took a photo it was crazy, can't show as I don't know how out it on here but looked so funny, ive started puting fat cakes on the table now and I do get less of them I still have plenty of small birds thought have loads of goldfinch as last year the parent birds brought the little ones they love the sunflower hearts I've counted 20, there so lovely to watch.
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    I put cheap grain-based feed in a large pot saucer on the ground - the pigeons would much rather eat that than balance precariously on hanging feeders. 

    Just remember to get it in at night and put it out again in the mornings, otherwise you'll attract rats to the garden.

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    I got a cheap hanging basket : you know those flimsy mesh grid ones? And zip tied it to the top of my feeder that sat on the table. The grid is large enough for the little birds to hop in and out but stops the pigeons.

    Perhaps you could get some sturdy thick mesh and create a frame around yours?

  • Thanks to everyone. I will try using the hanging basket. Just not sure what a flimsy mesh one is. Maybe you could tell me Carrington please.
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    Chicken wire would also do the job. Any hanging basket will be fine.

    As has been suggested - take a look on a similar thread we currently have here. Unwelcome Garden Visitors.  You might find some tips there too flowerpower   image

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    How do you find threads like the Unwelcome  Garden Visitors? I can't see a search on the Forum page.

  • Hi, if you go into wildlife gardening it's there 

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