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Talkback: Top tomato varieties to grow

For the last 2 years I have grown Orcado tomatoes. They are a nice size and the taste is good.


  • EsspeeEsspee Posts: 272

    Have tried comparing different varieties but Gardener's Delight wins every time.

  • I found the list of tomatoes disappointing, RHS and other trials have indicated less well known varieties have much to offer in terms of flavour. Check out James Wong's recomendations,Or look at Simpsons Seeds wonderful list and try something new.

    Rosada ( chiltern seeds) and Sacher ( on line from Germany!) will in my opinion prove worth the effort. I hope to grow about 20 different varieties this year seeking one that is the best ever in terms of flavour.
  • Really - same old same old. There are lots of newer, and not so new varieties than those in the list from the RHS. Did they just churn out and old feature!

    Moneymaker in particular, is tasteless and grown because of it shelf life.
  • I have been very disappointed with a number of different types of tomato including 'Moneymaker',

    'Shirley' and an Italian plum type. The most reliable and tasty tomato is Gardener's Delight which I use in salads, sauces and soups. I also grow a few plants from the seeds of a vine tomato which we buy from Asda in the winter months. These always grow well and are very tasty.
  • Last 2 years I have grown a new very sweet variety with good success 'Sweet Aperitif' by Thompson & Morgan. Last year I added the T&M variety 'Crystal F1' and they were excellent so I am growing both varieties again this year plus a new T&M variety 'Mountain Magic F1' that I am also going to try out this year as the write up about them looks very promising. All will be grown in the greenhouse and a few Mountain Magic outdoors in the garden as a trial. John Harding (Mangotsfield, Bristol)

  • Gardeners delight's OK but not a large crop. Money maker I don't remember being anything special. I've never been able to grow Marmande well, even in a greenhouse, they need lots of sun and I've never never had a good yield from them. Golden Sunrise split at the drop of a hat. Shirley is OK and Tumbling Tom but I find ILDI wind hands down for me in the cherry tom dept. ILDI is a heritage variety so you can keep your own seed year on year and it comes true and it has huge trusses of lovely sweet yellow plum shaped toms, delicious.
  • Agree, Gardener's D. is brilliant - also Sweet Million, which is almost identical. Tumbling Tom in yellow and red form is excellent in big pots outside. Have never grown Moneymaker, it's a tasteless exhibition variety. Shirley is boring, horrible matt skin, not that nice. I've tried Marmande three times, outside, disappointing every time, the fruits form badly and it gets blight. Probably brilliant in a big greenhouse. I'm surprised Alicante is not there, it's a nice sweet slicer, a bit bigger than GD.
  • Last year I tried the purple and stripey green cherry types, in the greenhouse. Interesting but nothing special flavour-wise.

  • I grew Sweet Million last year and it tasted very sweet. Nice tom BUT it splits like the devil. By the time each one is ripe it's split.


  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Monty said that last year splitting toms were common becouse of the difference in day time and night time temps. Gardeners Delight was one of the most proliffic toms I have grown so am trying it again this year along with the French heirloom tom Flamme, also Sweet Million.

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