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Talkback: Growing parsnips

oooo spicy parsnip soup - that's one of my favourites on a cold day!


  • That's pretty good, they look nice too. Have you had a constant supply throughout the winter?
  • Tried for years with parsnips in bags without any luck at all,
    however will still have a go.
  • My wife roasts parsnips in honey and maple syrup. My vocabulary is not of a high enough degree to enable me to express the amazing flavour
  • This is the first time that i am going to grow parsnips.I thought that it would be easy bit it is not.
  • How I adore the parsnip! Such a divine root. I often reflect on the course my life may have taken without them. I too have wept on digging the final crop from the sod. Likewise, it is with no minor sense of painful association that I can dwell upon the slicing, roasting, and marinating of my dear parsnips. Would that the carrot was not such an inferior creature!
  • ive just sown my parsnips first go ever got little shoots coming up now cant wait but cant tell if my carrots are gonna grow wot do the seedlings look like
  • I had huge success 2nd time around last year (1st sowing was a disaster - when I put the seeds straight into the ground), I grew all my parsnips in toilet roll tubes. Just cut them in half, fill with soil, but 2 seeds per tube. Once they get going remove the smaller plant. Then pop the whole tube and plant into well dug soil in the garden. This doesn't disturb the plant at all (which they hate), and you can evenly spread them out without the hassle of thinning them. The tube will rot away in a few weeks. Win win situation... not bad for a 1st time novice! The parsnips were massive.
  • This is the way I grow sweet peas as well.
    We are in the process of trying to get allotments organised for our village then I can try parsnip growing and much else which I don't have room for in the garden.
  • monty don has said on one of the gardeners worlds ive watched that u dont have to separate or thin out carrots parsnips or beetroot because there just push off each other
  • well I didn't thin my carrots last year and they went all curly and tangled up together
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