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Buying a new shed...nightmare

Just wanted to share what's happened to me recently.  After much searching i found a new shed advertised as a six window shed on Argos.  After it was delivered, the weather turned bad so we stored it away.  Three weeks ago we unpacked it and found that they'd sent us a 2 window shed.  And the quality was very poor.  I called Argos who said i had to contact the supplier.  It all became very confusing.  The supplier Kybotech wouldn't help and blamed Argos.  Argos wouldn't help and blamed Kybotech.

Three weeks later and after an absolute nightmare, the shed was finally picked up and returned yesterday.  Now i'm fighting for the refund.  Please beware and if you want to buy items from Argos, please check the item before you buy actually is as advertised. Or don't bother buying from them.  Their customer care is dreadful.  Finally found a really good shed.  Fingers crossed this one is ok.



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,315

    You bought it from Argos, and as such it is with Argos you have a contract. 

    The old sales of goods act has been replaced with the Consumer Rights Act 2015. However the same line :

    "As described  The goods supplied must match any description given to you at the time of purchase. "  applies.

    Argos can take it up with THEIR  supplier, however ARGOS supplied it to you. It's their problem to resolve.

  • Abby2Abby2 Posts: 101

    Sorry to hear you had such a nightmare with Argos.

    Would love to hear where you found the good shed as so many sheds seem to have really poor reviews!

    Hope you get your refund....


  • KT53KT53 GloucestershirePosts: 7,552

    With recorded delivery letters you can at least be confident that it has arrived at the correct place.  With e-mail you have no real way to track.  Even the 'read receipt' doesn't actually mean anything, as that can be generated on receipt at the company server.  There is also the black hole of the spam filter which can prevent delivery.

  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,173

    I have recent experiences with Argos (sofabed) and Homebase (shed) and both show the poor service that we are meant to accept!

    Argos: sofabed ordered and paid for October.  Delivered beginning of December - broken.  Date for replacement given - they failed to deliver.  New date set for end of January,  subsequently changed to mid February.  They failed to turn up (again).  The contract has been cancelled.  Letters sent to CEO (recorded delivery) elicited no response.  We await collection of defective item and refund + compensation.

    Homebase: Shed: ordered beginning of January.  Delivered with a broken side panel. 

    Three deliveries attempted to replace the broken panel - except they sent the wrong one each time.  Finally they delivered the right one.  And then tried to deliver another one the following day!

    Persistence is required to get things satisfactorily sorted out (and believe me, I'm being very persistent with Argos).  But what an indictment of our "Customer Service".

    If all else fails, the Small Claims Court beckons.  Trading Standards can exert pressure, but they deal with the criminal law rather than consumer law per se.

  • I bought a metal shed of argos 2 years ago had no problems with them , but I do understand with argos I bought a washing machine and it packed in after 2 weeks they wanted to send engineers out so I put it in my van and just took it to the shop and demanded money back managers face was a picture .

  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,173

    Actually I am awaiting a response from Argos (I chased it by phone and they have promised to contact me this week - their  correspondence department being "a bit behind").  In my letter I gave them ten working days to sort it our or we would take the sofabed to the shop from whence it was ordered and leave it there and bill them for the van, on top of existing claim for compensation. 

    to be continued . . . . . . .


  • Lou12Lou12 Posts: 1,149

    My husband slams bad service on twitter too - big companies, especially rail services hate it.

    Argos is one of those shops I never, ever use now - most of their stuff is tat.

    We got all our sheds and our summerhouse on ebay - all top quality and half the price of the shops.

  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,173

    aym280 - I took your advice and posted on Facebook:  I have had a response from Argos.  Yes - you did read that right!  I actually got a response!  Now that in itself is something of a result.  They have asked for the order number so they can follow it up.  We'll see what tomorrow brings - I live in hope.

  • Jules BJules B Posts: 30

    Hello lovely people.  Just seen the replies as i've recently gone back to work after a few months recovering from an op.  Just hadn't had the time to catch up.

    My issues with Argos continue.  They have been awful to put it bluntly.  Even though, as others have rightly said, my contract is with them as the retailer, they have done everything they can to put the blame on Kybotech the supplier.  But it looks as though finally the refund has gone through.  I can not believe the hassle i've had.  i will never shop with them again.  I have posted all this on Twitter.  I believe in passing on these kinds of experiences.  I don't want anyone else to go through the same.

    We decided to go through B&Q.  I've had dealigs with them before and had always had good customer service.  So we ordered a slightly more expensive shed manufactured by Forest.  The difference in the two sheds was obvious immediately.  it was much heavier and more substantial.  The quality was so much better.  We put it together last weekend.  Apart from the windows that are a bit naff and some battons that were warped, it fitted together really well and looks amazing.  I will try and post some photos when i get home but i am impressed with the ordering, delivery and quality of this shed.  And B&Q are always helpful.  


  • I purchased one of those Argos sheds and found it so flimsy after one season I had to make a whole new internal support frame and re-roof it. I know it was only cheapish but I expected at least the wall not to have huge gaps in. Now only used to store wood in. Would make it myself if I had to do again.
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