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  • The last one looks like dead flower stems of astilbe, which will regrow in Spring. I presume this garden is new to you, so I wouldn't actually do anything at the moment, apart from removing obvious weeds. Wait till Spring when dormant plants are in growth and can be identified.

  • Hi There.

    Well in Pic 1, you have a clump of bright green grass-like stuff.  Almost certainly bulbs of some kind...wait and see if they flower.  Behind that the fleshy green spiky thing is a tulip, and there are more further back,and in front of course are snowdrops. Everything else looks a bit weedy, but worth wating to see for a few weeks.

    Pic 2. Daffodils, and I think Iris to the right.  The twigs behind the daffs are last year's dead stalks of something. No harm in gently pulling away the twigs (or cutting them) whatever it is will come back.

    Pc 3. Not sure what your hedge is, Very probably a privet, which can be cut down to size later in the spring, shaped in whichever way you want it.  In front I think are Astilbes..they come in a variety of colours. Again you can remove the dead wood now, best to cut not pull.

    All very exciting.  Keep the photos in a file on your PC, with the date. You'll be amazed at the change even 3 weeks from now.

  • should-i-rake-up-the-leaves-and-pull-the-dandelion-weeds?-Also-is-this-rose-bushes-should-i-prune-them-and-if-yes-how-do-do-this.



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  • Pruning roses:  It says to wait until March in the north.

    I think they explain it better than I can!

    Not sure about your bright green plant...It looks a little like the garden-friendly cow parsley whose name I forget just now!!  Another wait-and-see I think!



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