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What can i plant under conifers?

natabeenatabee Posts: 2



Just looking for some ideas. I’m new to gardening having lived at home and moved into my first home in October.

One side of my garden is all conifers, i was just wondering if anyone could recommend some shrubs to plant underneath. Next door have a dog and it sometimes comes through the bottom as there is no fence so I’m looking for things to kind of block up the holes. Hopefully with abit of colour as my garden is currently just green..

thanks image


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Hello natabee,

    you don't say what kind of conifers ( not the dreaded leylandii, I hope) or how tall they are, nor how much sun gets to the bottom of the hedge. So we have quite a lot of variables here. 

    Maybe you could give us a bit more info. I take it you want something prickly to keep out the pooch.

    If it's not too dry you might have luck with holly.

  • natabeenatabee Posts: 2

    Hi Waterbutts,

    thanks for your reply. i wasnt sure what type of conifers they were but i did a quick google search and i believe they are Leylandii image

    they are about 8-10 foot tall. they have all gone brown now, from what ive been told is wind burn. not sure if this makes a difference.

    luckily i get alot of sun on my side, for the majority of the day.

    thanks for your help

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Hello natabee

    You do know that leylandii are the cause of more neighbour disputes than any other plant (or possibly any other thing), don't you? They grow to about 80 feet tall if left alone.

    If you are a new home owner and you like your neighbours at the moment, it may be worth asking them what they honestly think about the leylandii. It may be that, although they are sunburned on your side, your neighbours get hardly any light in their garden because of them.

    Checking the mood now may save a lot of problems later. Also, they really have no saving graces. Very few birds choose to nest in them, they don't flower, they don't produce berries for the birds and they rob the soil of water and goodness.

    I doubt if you will find anyone who grows them for their benefits, unless they hate their neighbours.

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