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zantedeschia flamingo lily

hello all ,hope someone can help me ,i have one of these and i thought it was a plant that liked sunny position?.i brought this plant in for winter but it has bloomed in my garage so i brought it into the dining room and it was beautiful, what i need to know is one once the bloom has finished should i cut it down?and will this plant flower again this year?also i have read that this plant or one similar likes boggy shady area?

thank you for any help/advice on this 


  • ZenjeffZenjeff Posts: 652

    Hi Julie

    zantedeschia is a Arum Lille outdoor hardy, or Calla Lillie tender where do you get the flamingo name from can you give more detail of what the flower was like

  • thank you zenjeff im trying to see if i can attach a photo for you ,i bought the plant off someone and this was the name given to me with it ,i will see if i can attach a photo ,thank you for clearing that up though as i have one of each image



  • hope this helps if you need another photo just let me know ,now i know how to attach oneimage i think the name probably is just because of the colour ,i look forward to your reply ,i certainly hope this will bloom again this year,

  • ZenjeffZenjeff Posts: 652

    Julie I believe they need a rest after flowering now I see where the flamingo comes from a good site for info on house plants is

    Aym 280 is it not spathphyllum peace Lilly what's good for air quality , was the invasive arum Lilly Aethiopica

  • zenjeff thank you for your help,so would it be best to cut this right down now pop back into the garage until frosts have gone ,and fingers crossed it will bloom again?

    as this is not a house plant ,i bought it for outside ,i only brought it in as winter approached and as it was a new plant didnt think i would risk leaving it out,as only hardy,but weve had a mild winter here in uk this year image 

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