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Tomatoes I am germinating


Newbie here and my first post image

I have just yesterday started germinating lots of different chilli's & tomatoes in my indoor propagators and think I may have overlooked something. Can you help?

I bought four different variety of tomatoes as I want to end up plonking them in a basket and have them hanging over the side, the problem is I do not think the tomatoes I have bought are 'hanging' variety, something I naively thought they would be when purchasing the seeds.

I bought San Marzano (which I knew would be a plant for a planter or a pot etc) this is not a problem.

The other three are 'Sungold', 'Tomatoberry' & 'Yellow Pear'. Am I now correct in now thinking that these 3 cherry tomatoes are not the hanging basket sort??





  • Firstly welcome to the forums!

    I have grown non trailing tomato varieties in hanging baskets before. From my experience they are a lot less productive in baskets as they are restricted with little soil, also them being so easy to forget to water, if the soil dries out too often the fruits will split making them not very useful as the bugs get to them.

    If you have the option I would definitely recommend growing them in bigger pots or if available, the ground.

    Saying that, I think the best thing about gardening itself and half of the fun of it is trial and error! try new things as everyone does things slightly different and has different successes with growing strategies! If you aren't certain on growing them in baskets then maybe try a couple in baskets but keep some in the ground or large pots so you can compare the fruit yields and learn what works for you personally.

    I hope this aids your decision, although this may not have been too helpful.

    Best of luck! Hope it works out great for you!


  • Hello Torg22,this is my first post as well.

    Sungold & tomatoberry are both termed indeterminate & grown up string or canes.You need either determinate or semi-determinate types.Seed packet should explain type.

    For baskets,the easiest are trailing (determinate) types.I've had success with red or yellow Tumbling Tom,Garden Pearl & Hundreds & Thousands even in 12 inch baskets.Just keep on top of watering.

    For pots,you can use trailing or bush toms.I've grown mine in black buckets only £1 from hardware shops.Good plants are Sub Arctic Plenty & Red Alert.

    Here in the North West,I won't start sowing my seed just yet.

    Good luck with your Toms.



  • Torg22Torg22 Posts: 299

    Thanks Jerry & Peter, useful information there.

    I bought a couple of green grow sacks from poundland the other day so I may just buy some more and have them all in them. I think they can hold quite a bit of soil. Will have to have a rethink regarding growing tomatoes in a basket this year!!

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