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I'm looking for a good mail order website that I can get perennials from, I have a large border to fill and I'm at work 6 days a week so rarely get out to a garden centre. I've seen a number of sites now with rediculous prices (over ??10 for a 1 litre pot) Just need some help now as I'm sure there is someone out there that knows of a good quality and reasonably priced site. By the way I refuse to use crocus as had some bad experiences with them sorry. Please help as im getting fed up of weeding my empty border now. Thanks Guys


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 23,624

    why not go for seed? Much cheaper and more variety. Ask around, you might end up getting some free.

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 8,720

    If you're prepared to grow them on a bit, then I have always been pleased with Hayloft.

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  • James.......check out the Good Guys thread on this some insight on which online suppliers forum members have found good and also ones to avoidimage

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    i have bought some from Hayloft, not bad at all, all my original Penstemons came from there, I dare not mention J.Parkers, people will come down on me like a ton of bricks, but when I started my huge garden I couldn't afford anything else. So Hayloft and Parkers special offers were all I bought.

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  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 8,720

    Me too Lynimage. Now I have full borders I can afford to be more selective, but when I was starting it was special offers or nowtimage  5 years on and some of those special offers have become my garden stalwartsimageimage

    We did not inherit the earth from our grandparents.  We’re borrowing it from our children.
  • Thanks guys,

    I'm definitely going to check mailorderperennials out, that price sounds too good to refuse a look at. I'm really big on the deliver cost as I hate it when they hide it until the last minute when your about to check out, and 48 hours that's very quick.

    Thanks Lyn for Parkers and hayloft I'll have a look at them as well

    Keep the suggestions coming because this is really beneficial to other people as well I'm sure
  • The passion from everyone here is certainly very positive

    I've heard of paddocks before and they are definitely very reasonable prices. Other members of my family use them a lot. I've just got a large space to fill so want to guarantee a good price from a number of sites.

    I may end up going to the local garden centre if I get the time as they're often cheaper, I just don't have a lot of free time at the moment
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