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Cold Frame

I used to have a cold frame, made out of pallets, but it eventually rotted away, and I missed it. I don't have a greenhouse and had nowhere to put anything that needed a bit of shelter over winter.

Well, last year we had some doors and windows replaced and I kept a lot of the wood and two of the doors, with the intention of making myself a new frame. I have finally done the deed image and the cold frame is finished.

 The lid is part of my old back door. The front is Yorkshire boarding left over from another building project (yes, I save things up for  years in case they might come in handy). The back and sides are made from other bits of door frame, window frames and barge boards. I have made a prop to hold the lid open while I mess around in there - that lid is heavy and I don't want it crashing down on my arms.

I didn't use all the wood I'd saved so I have cut the rest up for firewood. Now I will be warm this winter and so will my plantsimage


  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    That looks fab!  If I was a plant I think I would be very happy in there!

  • That looks ace.... Mmmmm my neighbour is having their wood windows replaced I wonder mmmmmm

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