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Climber to suit alpine garden

Hello, I have a retaining wall in a sunny corner of my courtyard garden. The soil is at an incline so I plan to turn it into an alpine garden with a natural looking water feature and alpine plants (which I am researching at the moment). I wanted to take advantage of the sunny wall behind and grow a climber to suit the alpine style I will be going for. I'm not fussy on colours but perhaps an evergreen might be nice as I would like to soften up the walls around my garden Thanks


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,619

    Could one of the smaller flowered clematis work? But most aren't evergreen. There is an evergreen one called Freckles that flowers in the winter. Have a look at this site. 

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  • Thank you Busy Lizzie. Lots of selection on that site. Iv also discovered there's a clematis called Alpina which I will look at
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