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Plants and gardening ideas needed urgently

Hi folks

im looking for ideas for the area pictured below





  • Yeah it's top of a slope of our driveway but it doesn't hold the water

  • Succulents come to mind - anything that thrives on well drained soil should do well, I think perhaps geraniums as mine thrive with very little attention.

  •  Ok

  • Ok great

  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,498

    Alliums too would look good.

    Based in Sussex, I garden to encourage as many birds to my garden as possible.
  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,685

    Sage likes well drained conditions and can smother a small area in a reasonably short time. It smells good and the flowers attract a lot of insects, plus there are numerous leaf colours to choose from.

  • good ideas getting my brain cells working

  • Lavender is another plants that seems to thrive in dry, well drained poor soil - likes a bit of grit too. This plant will attract bees and we had humming bird hawk moth (?) on our lavendar last year - lovely to watch.

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