Has anyone got advice on how to encourage rhubarb to grow, I put this in the ground about two months ago. Tried darkness to force the stalks , but what has grown has been ver feeble with very thin shoots , would manure be of any benefit


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    I might be wrong but I have a lot of rhubarb from a single crown I planted this year in a sunny spot in the garden. A bit of feed might help but plenty of sun and lots of water seem to be what rhubarb likes.

    If you have seen ornamental rhubarb growing well there is always a good supply of water which is what it needs to support the huge leaves and stalks.

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    Hi Runnerbean, I planted a new crown in a large tub with a hefty dose of manure and after a couple of months of producing thin weedy stalks its now starting to produce decent sized stalks, not enough to pick this year as I'll let the crown build itself up a bit for now.  It was bought from the reduced section of a garden centre in a plastic packet so I'm surprised its done anything at all to be honest, it was planted late.

    I think you might have been a bit late in trying to force your rhubarb, thats generally done Nov-Feb for harvesting in March/April plus if you've just planted it I'd let it settle in for a year or two before forcing.  Don't force it for more than two years in a row, plant another crown so that you can do alternate plants.

  • If you have just planted rhubarb 2 months ago, you will not get much this year. It should have been planted in well manured soil earlier. However keep it well watered this summer until it tends to die back in the autumn. Then weed it and cover with compost for the winter. Next spring it will shoot again. If it is of a reasonable size you might be able to pick a few stalks next year. If not repeat and wait another year. Some varieties can't be hurried. I have 5 types, some early, some later, some when they feel like growing. Rhubarb likes water and was huge last miserable summer. This year its suffering from the heat, but we have frozen enough to last the winter. Best of luck!

  • Thanks for you feedback folks , I''ll take note of your comments and I'll look forward to next year then

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