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Hi all yesterday I came across lots of plants in the bargain corner at B&Q and as I’m trying to build up a stock of plants to create a garden from scratch for my disabled daughter I went a bit mad & bought 14 plants ranging from 20p to 99p. I figured that even if I loose half of them I’m still quids in.

Imo all the plants look ok and are just in need of food, water and a little tlc but I was wondering if some or all of them would benefit from cutting down or anything. I didn’t want to just start cutting them all down without taking advice first so here goes, this is what I bought…

 Acer Katsura I really don’t know why this was marked down from £14.99 to 99p because it looks pretty healthy to me.

Hydrangea blue mophead I’ve tried googling this and haven’t come up with anything so I presume blue is the colour and it’s a mophead variety??? This plant has lots of dead flowers and a lot of the leaves are brown and curled up at the edges although there is still a fair amount of lovely blue flowers and good leaves too.

Hydrangea Black steel again I’ve tried googling this and it seems black steel is a variety??? This plant looks a bit better than the one above.

Clematis Wildfire, Clematis Dr Ruppel & Clematis Mrs Goerge Jackman these all look ok they just look a little pot bound with lots of long straggly growth.

Laucanthemum the leaves on these look reasonably strong and healthy but all the flowers are dead

Cistus again reasonably healthy looking but no flowers

Verbena Lanai some dead flowers but quite a few buds still waiting to open.

I also got 2 strawberry plants in lovely wicker hanging baskets and figured the hanging baskets alone were well worth 99p each.

So there you have it and any advice would be gratefully received 


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    Hi Tattiana, hope you're getting on well with the project! The Black Steel hydrangea will just need the same treatment as the other one -it just refers to the colour of the stems. I'd cut off anything that looks ropey and as you say , re pot and give a little tlc. Ditto the clematis. They may just have wanted rid of the Acer to make way for other stuff coming in. If there's no obvious signs of disease I'd do the same with it. If you can get the clematis and hydrangeas into the ground it would benefit them but I understand it may not be possible just now so as big a pot as you can get them into give them a good chance of building up for next year. I've got two clematis in pots for the moment and they've been there for a couple of months and doing well. Hydrangeas are pretty tough so they should be fine.  I'd just deadhead the others - the Leucanthemum will be finished flowering- and remove any obvious damaged foliage etc, repot and see what happens!  As you've said - if one or two don't make it, you've still got some great bargains image

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  • Morning tattiana and Verdun image  I haunt the bargain section at B&Q, I just choose carefully.  Here's a few pics of my sucesses this year:


     Verbena tray of 24 for 50p.  Dahlia's 6 for 50p.


     Scabious Kingfisher Blue £1. (Just got another one for 50p just needs tlc).  More bargain dahlias.



     More cut price verbenas from the 24 pack and the geraniums were all between 50p and half price.


     Chelsea lilies half price


     50p gazania which looked dead.  Now very much alive.


     Erigeron with no label of any kind, I did blag it a bit and told the woman it was on the same shelf as the 50p pinks I also bought the other day, so got it for 50p.  I haven't taken a picture of the pinks as they are not flowering, not even any buds, I'm just potting them on so that next year their roots will be established for planting out in the spring.

    I haven't even included the ones I got from the local nursery sale, which in general are better quality, but not quite such huge reductions.  Virtually every plant in my garden is a bargain plant, or has been given to me.  I rarely buy one full price, although it has been known to happen if I really want a particular variety.

    So go for it, fill your garden with cheap plants, you'll love it all the more.

  • Good Sunny morning to you all

    I bought some african violet and pensies last year 50p for whole tray.  I planted it out after few days od TLC and it started flowering after 2 weeks and this years it has gown even bigger. the boarder looks so colourful. i am off again to B&Q this morning to see if anymore to buy for next year or the cover the toher side of the boarder.

    Happy gardening

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    Hi Tattianna, sounds like some good bargains there, just give them some TLC.  B&Q and Homebase are great for reducing plants, I bought two Christmas box last year that are thriving in large pots ready to be moved in time for winter, might put them near to the front door to enjoy the fragrance, they cost me 99p each.  bought some Rudbeckia goldsturm from Homebase reduced from £7.49 to 50p last year as well.

  • I once bought a plant because I felt sorry for it. It looked so miserable sitting in a pot in the bargain section and it was only 10p, I suppose because it looked so sickly. I had just cleared some more garden and was looking for things to fill it up with so I bunged it straight in.

    I have no idea what it is, but it is evergreen with variegated leaves. Variegated things don't generally do well here but this has raced away. It's now right across the path it lives beside, and puts on a lovely show of white flowers. It's definitely my best ever bargain plant.


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    Hi all and thanks for your advice. I've cut off all the dead stuff and everything looks so much healthier already. I can't plant anything just yet so will repot into bigger pots for now. 

    I'm going to keep the acer in a pot. Is it best to use ericaceous compost? 

    Should I cut the clematis back? They are quite straggly & I wondered if I should cut them down by half maybe?

    There is something quite satisfying about buying a sickly looking plant and nursing it back to beauty and better still if you have only paid a few pence for it image

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