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Lawn alternative?

I have a small round lawn about 10' diameter and i would like to replace the grass with a mix of white clover and creeping thyme. Will these two grow together okay or will one out-compete the other? Any other suggestions welcome, would like a mix of a couple of plants, low growing?? image


  • What sort of effect are you aiming for? Do you just want a green foil for your borders, or are you after an alpine meadow effect, or something else entirely?

    Also, what sort of growing conditions do you have, as this will affect your range of options

    Chamomile is the classic alternative for grass, especially the non-flowering one, 'Treneague'. If the area is shady your choice is more limited, but pearlwort, also known as Irish Moss would thrive, maybe too well!

    A number of alpines make flowering mats, more or less low growing, and some do it surprisingly fast - things like Leptinella, Acaena, Silene and even Gentian Septemfida, and Dianthus 'Flashing Light'. They need good drainage and sun to give of their best, but can cope with poor, sandy or stony soil.

    None of these would take foot traffic though, and even chamomile would wear if used much. Clover would withstand it more than the thyme I suspect, but I think any two plants used together will see one eventually dominating unless both are perfectly matched to the conditions and for growth rate.

  • Thank you both, the look i have "in my head" is sort of...patchwork..? Possibly a few different plants, preferably flowering at some point, the rest of the garden is centered around bees.The area is not full sun all day, shady until late morning, and the soil is heavy clay, oh and i live in Yorkshire so its never dry!!!!  And should add, probably the most important, is my 6 cats, they are the traffic!!

  • Would highly recommend lawn chamomile. Will take a little while to establish on a budget, but very low maintenance and will take a decent amount of traffic.if you wanted to go down the herb route you could also add some corsican mint - the two scents together would be fantastic.

    Alpine wise, the best lawn i ever saw was 'mind your own business', i was too embarrassed by my alpine ignorance to ask anymore...
  • Thank you again, i think its heading towards your idea (Tetley) and put some stones around, and then plant with a few different things, see how they grow together, then adapt as necessary. I already have a creeping thyme, mind your own business & lawn chamomile elsewhere which i can re purpose and move there, have some Irish moss from seed ready to be hardened off, and will definitely look for some Corsican mint (thank you Chris) Im sure the cats will always be impressed with more mint image

  • Will do x

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