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Best and worst seed and potting compost



  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 17,246

    Verdun, what does that Wyvale compost smell like, I have tried others that plainly stink. Also, does it contain some peat? 

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  • Have you tried Jacks Magic

    Great for seeds and cuttings

  • yes b and q compost is crap  we use grow well from codnor horticultral

  • Verve gets bought when they are practically giving it away and is used only for winter dressing stuff like Lupins to keep the frost off. About all its good for. 

    As far as seeds go, generic MPC/Coir in equal measures with a few handfuls of grit. Not brilliant, but gets the job done. Just don't get enriched MPC.

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    B+M (not B+Q) sell good compost this year. I mix it with John Innes seed compost for seeds and John Innes potting compost for plants. It works fine.

  • Problem is a lot of composts are packaged too soon and really need at least 2 years to breakdown into a fine peat like texture. The woody bits you get in bad compost end up lowering the nitrogen content as bacteria use this nitrogen to digest the wood chips.


    Ive looked in the garden centre and so far Miracle Grow seems the best 

  • Another one for Verve being awful, bits of glass last year not good trying to encourage Grandkids to help out. Been using Durstons for a little while and seems ok. Might try Wyevale.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,025

    There is two sorts of levingtons. The stuff packaged for gardeners contains recycled rubbish and is made by one firm, and is sold in garden centres.

    The other stuff is packaged for nurseries, comes by the pallet load, and  is fine peat based. If you can get it, its called Levington Pro . I use the levington pro M3  for potting on and tomatoes in buckets. I add some perlite to it to weaken it for seeds, although they do make a seed compost.

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  • LeifUKLeifUK Posts: 573

    Commercial composts may be hot composted which works much quicker than normal. New Horizon can be dark and crumbly or pale and with a pine resin smell. I reckon it depends on the garden waste, lots of pine cuttings means woody compost. Composts do indeed vary between batches. Some are left in the rain and soak up damp, others are left to dry out. 

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