Can anyone tell me what sort of tomato to grow? I want something that is easy to grow, very flavoursome and disease-resistant. I want to grow both ordinary size and baby tomatoes. I have a greenhouse. I have grown many varieties in the past but none of them have much flavour.



  • Sungold, Black Cherry ?  Both good flavours and can be grown in G/H or outdoorsimage

    Don't overwater as that can ruin the flavour.

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    Gardeners Delight is rightly hugely popular. I too like sungold and sweet million did well for me last year too.

  • It's years since I've grown Gardeners used to be THE tomato which everyone grew.  Like everything else under the sun, the choice has become enormous and the good old stuff tends to be forgotten. 

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    ps2, I try new varieties most years, but I always grow GD, it's just so reliable that even if the new stuff doesn't do well, I know "it" will.

    It's usually very cheap to buy from seed too compared with "new" varieties.

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    Sungold everytime for the sweetest cherry tomatoes; it grows well inside and out. Last year I also grew Sun Grape which was very tasty, like ketchup in fruit form; this did better indoors. Chocolate Cherry is fabulous raw and also makes great pasta sauce but is prone to splitting if grown outdoors. Gardeners Delight grows well indoors and out but doesn't have the intensity of flavour. Mix up the varieties and colours for interesting salads and a longer fruiting season.

  • Cuor di Bue (franchi brand seeds) were exceptional last year. Large beefsteak variety with lots of flesh. Fantastic in salads.

    Available through most suppliers / good garden centres etc.

  • I would recommend Sweet Aparatife which is a cherry sized tomato and it is very sweet.You can pick them and eat them just like sweets.

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    Sungold are the tastiest tomatoes I've ever eaten, very few of mine made it into the kitchen, most were scoffed within sight of the plants. Bush tomatoes need less care, and mine were less prone to blight. Maskotka had okay flavour, and resisted blight. It is a good salad tomato, not such a good scoffing tomato. 

  • Super Marmande is a good beefsteak variety. Gardeners Delight is very good. Harbinger, Stupice, Black from Tula, Cosmonaut Volkov, Mortgage Lifter, Brandywine all good heritage types and Sweet Million is a good cherry type.

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    All the old favourites - Moneymaker, Ailsa Craig, Shirley, Tigerella, Gardener's Delight.

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